Monday, April 29, 2013

LINKAGE: Where To Buy Some Of My Work

Wondering where you can see, read, or buy some of the projects I've worked on?  Here's a collection of links in one place where you can find (and hopefully purchase) some of my films and books:

My first feature, the independent micro thriller "When Heaven Comes Down":

Indie Reign: WHCD

All of my books are available as paperbacks on Amazon:
(includes Soulcore 1 & 2, Screenwriter Scars, and Meld)

Author Gary Lumpp on Amazon

Three of my books are also available for download at Smashwords:

Smashwords for author Gary Lumpp

"Serbian Scars," which I contributed to the screenplay for, is also on Amazon:

Serbian Scars on Amazon

You can also reach me directly at if you'd like to order something from me directly (I'm very reasonable, I promise).