Monday, October 12, 2015

Amazon Author Page

My Amazon Author Page is now live!  Sorry for the lack of updates but if you happen to visit this site here's the best place to order my books and closet screenplays:

Monday, April 29, 2013

LINKAGE: Where To Buy Some Of My Work

Wondering where you can see, read, or buy some of the projects I've worked on?  Here's a collection of links in one place where you can find (and hopefully purchase) some of my films and books:

My first feature, the independent micro thriller "When Heaven Comes Down":

Indie Reign: WHCD

All of my books are available as paperbacks on Amazon:
(includes Soulcore 1 & 2, Screenwriter Scars, and Meld)

Author Gary Lumpp on Amazon

Three of my books are also available for download at Smashwords:

Smashwords for author Gary Lumpp

"Serbian Scars," which I contributed to the screenplay for, is also on Amazon:

Serbian Scars on Amazon

You can also reach me directly at if you'd like to order something from me directly (I'm very reasonable, I promise).

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Site Re-design

Until I'm rolling in the big bucks I'm going to use this simple blogger site in order to get the word out about the projects I'm working on, as well as sell the books I've written (or provide you a link on how to get them).  

My books are currently available on Amazon either as hard copies or for download to Kindle.  If you'd prefer to contact me directly in order to get a .pdf of the books and cut out the middle man, feel free to email me at gmlumpp -at- gmail -dot- com.  

I'll be adding more options to buy in the future, as well as a link to my upcoming IndieGoGo project.  
In the meantime, why not order a copy of Soulcore or Meld?

Monday, April 30, 2012

Buy My First eBook "SOULCORE" Here!

If you're interested in purchasing a .pdf version of my first book, "Soulcore," please click on the BUY NOW button below.  There's a $5.00 charge (compared to $8.00 for the paperback version) and once payment is received via PayPal the file will be emailed directly to you!  Thanks - Gary

Monday, September 19, 2011

Screenplays Available 9/2011

The following feature screenplays* are available for purchase and production.  If you're interested in learning more, please contact me at

MAN DOWN (Crime drama) 
Logline:  Inspired by true events, a small town cop is shot and held hostage by an accused murderer.  Bleeding to death with his own gun pointed at his head, can the deputy survive to see another dawn?

Logline:  Someone – or something – is stalking late night commuters.  Can one desperate father who lost his little girl to them stop the carnage?

Logline:  After witnessing the murder of her father as a child, a woman grows up wanting only one thing:  revenge.  But after crossing paths with a sexy thief the two form an uneasy alliance in order to take out a drug kingpin with ties to both.

KINGDOM OF ASH (Sci-Fi/Fantasy)
Logline:  In a futuristic land where the blackened skies never reveal the sun, a young Princess Ash is ordered killed by her stepmother the Queen.  She escapes death, joining up with a group of rebels who once served as the royal guard, and together they plan to reclaim the kingdom by force against the Queen’s mechanical army. 

*Other scripts in various genres including horror, action, and sci-fi are available - please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Filmography

Extraction (2010, unproduced short, writer)
Serbian Scars (2009, theatrical feature, writer)
Blood Red Snow White (2009, unproduced feature, writer)
Everyman (2009, unproduced feature, writer)
Brutal Eyes (2008, short, writer & director)
Ballad of Broken Angels (2008, unproduced feature, writer)
Breaking (2008, short, writer)
Forever Hold Your Peace (2008, short, writer)
Would You Like Cream With That? (2007, short, writer & director)
All Dressed Up (2007, short, writer)
All Of This (2007, short, writer & assistant director)
Hairtrigger (2007, unproduced feature, writer)
Peter The Greatest (2007, unproduced feature, rewrites based on Claudia Christian’s script)
Clever Deception (2006, unproduced feature, rewrites based on Johnny D. Boyd’s script)
Jake Houston: Man of Action (2006, unproduced feature, writer)
Hodag (2006, unproduced feature, writer)
Sk8r 666 (2005, unfinished feature, writer with Jeremy Rubin)
The Road To (2004, short, writer & director)
Tales From The Grave: Lab Rats (2003, short, writer)
Karanko (2003, unproduced feature, writer)
Where Evil Dwells (2002, unproduced feature, writer)
Carnage 2 (2002, unproduced feature, writer)
When Heaven Comes Down (2002, feature, writer & director)
Misfortune (2001, unfinished feature, rewrites based on Amy Sharify’s script)
Sideswiped (2001, unproduced feature, writer)
Shadows of Life (2001, unproduced feature, writer)