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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Filmography

Extraction (2010, unproduced short, writer)
Serbian Scars (2009, theatrical feature, writer)
Blood Red Snow White (2009, unproduced feature, writer)
Everyman (2009, unproduced feature, writer)
Brutal Eyes (2008, short, writer & director)
Ballad of Broken Angels (2008, unproduced feature, writer)
Breaking (2008, short, writer)
Forever Hold Your Peace (2008, short, writer)
Would You Like Cream With That? (2007, short, writer & director)
All Dressed Up (2007, short, writer)
All Of This (2007, short, writer & assistant director)
Hairtrigger (2007, unproduced feature, writer)
Peter The Greatest (2007, unproduced feature, rewrites based on Claudia Christian’s script)
Clever Deception (2006, unproduced feature, rewrites based on Johnny D. Boyd’s script)
Jake Houston: Man of Action (2006, unproduced feature, writer)
Hodag (2006, unproduced feature, writer)
Sk8r 666 (2005, unfinished feature, writer with Jeremy Rubin)
The Road To (2004, short, writer & director)
Tales From The Grave: Lab Rats (2003, short, writer)
Karanko (2003, unproduced feature, writer)
Where Evil Dwells (2002, unproduced feature, writer)
Carnage 2 (2002, unproduced feature, writer)
When Heaven Comes Down (2002, feature, writer & director)
Misfortune (2001, unfinished feature, rewrites based on Amy Sharify’s script)
Sideswiped (2001, unproduced feature, writer)
Shadows of Life (2001, unproduced feature, writer)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Scripts Available

The following feature-length screenplays are available to producers. All scripts are registered with the WGA and copyrighted. If you're interested in purchasing a script, please contact me at gmlumpp (at) gmail (dot) com.

Ballad of Broken Angels (Action)
Two women – one’s a thief, the other out for revenge – are forced to work together when they cross paths with a vicious drug dealer in their pursuit of the Key to Happiness.

Blood Red Snow White (Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Action)
The queen of a futuristic land orders her stepdaughter killed, but when the assassin spares her life the princess is taken in my seven miners who once served as her royal guards – who urge her to reclaim the throne. Can the princess survive long enough to save the kingdom? Based on the Grimm tale “Snow White.”

Everyman (Sci-Fi/Action)
An experiment allows a man to “upload” specific talents and information into his brain in order to perform dangerous missions the professionals are afraid to undertake, but he questions the program when he begins to recall memories that aren’t his own. Are they just uploading how to defuse a bomb or perform open-heart surgery, or are they uploading someone else’s experiences as well?

Hairtrigger (Action/Crime Drama)
Based on a true story, when a Mississippi Sheriff’s Deputy is taken hostage by an attempted murderer his fellow officers do everything they can to save him. Written with the full cooperation of the deputy at the center of the hostage drama, Master Sergeant John Martin Harris.

Peter the Greatest (Thriller) Rewrite; original script by Claudia Christian
A best-selling author has a secret: all of his books were actually written by a paranoid hermit named Peter, who has his own secret - the stories come to him in his dreams, and if Peter doesn't write them down they become reality. So when the author claims that HE is the one who dreams these stories, Peter decides not to write down his next dream - about a hermit who stalks and kills a best-selling author.

Clever Deception (Drama) Rewrite; original script by Johnny D. Boyd
A troubled young man’s parents are the victims of a horrible tragedy, and with the guidance of another victim of that violent night he becomes a cop in an effort to solve the mystery behind the crimes.

Shadows of Life (Action/Horror) – Previously optioned by Woofenill Works; now available
Late night commuters are being hunted and killed and it’s up to one homeless man to stop the carnage. Honorable mention at Screamfest.

Jake Houston: Man of Action (Action/Comedy)
Realizing that he's no longer the popular action star he once was, an actor decides that the best way to recapture the spotlight is by acting like a real-life hero (or as the cops might call him, a vigilante).

Updates Coming

I'll be updating this site shortly, focusing on my screenwriting.